Tuesday, 28 July 2009

In the Thick of It

We've just finished our second day of rehearsals. We've been going through the script line by line and really analyzing what each character means when they speak and why they say it. It's really re-emphasized the importance of the relationships in the play, and uncovered some of the darkness in it, which is lovely to discover alongside the comedy, and hopefully adds some richness to the play.

Interesting conversations have included a 20-minute discussion on the implications of the word "slut" (very interesting with an all-female cast and male director), some thoughts on whether or not you would tell a friend certain doubts about their partner, and of course, lots and lots of celebrity gossip.

Tomorrow, our MAC Makeup Artist (who we've secretly christened Dean-Rudd-Makeup-Artist-to-the-Stars - all one name), will come in and help us with our looks for the show.

There's also still plenty to do on the producing side: flyers to finish and print, travel to book, money to raise, and most urgently, trying to sell out our short Riverside run.

And finally, someone's written another nice article on us. Check it out here: http://deadlinescotland.wordpress.com/2009/07/28/the-assassination-of-paris-hilton-1479/

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