Monday, 3 August 2009

Post-Preview Post

We've finished our previews at the Riverside Studios, managed to SELL OUT all four shows, and got some great feedback. Managing the audience in the space seemed to be our biggest challenge. The toilet scenes are fine, but promenading to the final scene in the bar gets messy. We can only hope that the set up at Assembly will be a bit easier.

Everyone at Riverside was fantastic. The ushers, duty manager, front of house manager, box office staff, programme coordinator, and technical crew were all a major help and lovely throughout, which is great considering that the more places we do this play we realise how much of a headache site-specific shows can be for a traditional venue.

Next stop: Edinburgh! The cast will be meeting this week to discuss all of the details and plans for the trip, our daily routine, schedules, etc. I think we're all looking forward to getting there and getting started. The play is so much fun to do with an audience, and adapts to them, so it's suffice to say that each audience will get a different show each time.

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